Dita Von Teese - silvercanvas

All these prints are UNSIGNED. A selection of prints signed by Dita are available at the silvercanvas store.

Prints up to 8x12 as open editions can be purchased directly from all gallery pages using the shopping cart links. Prints will be automatically dispatched to you from the lab directly. Fine art prints in limited and open editions as large Canvas, Giclee, C-Type and Silver Gelatin prints are available directly from the silvercanvas.com fine art sales page. Any queries? Please feel free to contact us.
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Portrait 3 (2001)

This photo was originally used for the back cover of Marquis's "Fetish Goddess" photo book recently republished by Titan books. The photo there was colour - this is a black and white version of the same image which was rescanned and reworked in 2011. Copies of the "Fetish Goddess" photobook are also available cheaply in limited supply from the Silvercanvas online store...

Dita Von TeesePortrait